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11 benefits of regular sex


Team Love Depot

Added on: Jul 16, 2021

    If you were under the impression that sex can only bring pleasure, then this blog will surely surprise you. There are plenty of benefits of regular sex apart from the exhilarating thrill it brings to your bedroom. It has the power to completely transform your dynamic with your partner.   Engaging in sex is good for couples, engaging in regular sex is even better. Lower risk to cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer and good skin are just some of the reasons why sex is necessary. With perks like these, who would not want to maintain a healthy sex life? Continue reading to learn more interesting benefits of regular sex. 

    Advantages of sex:

    1. Boosts immunity-

    The pandemic that struck us has shown the importance of having a good immune system. One of the many benefits of regular sex is that it builds the body’s immunity against bacteria, infections and viruses. Health benefits of sex include an increase in immunoglobin production which is very vital to fight the common cold and fever. Studies even show that people that have a healthy sex life take fewer sick leaves.  

    1. Better sleeping patterns-

    According to studies, more than 33% of the Indian population suffer from the condition of Insomnia. An improved sleep pattern is one of the benefits of having sex regularly. When you and your partner engage in sex, a concoction of chemicals is released in the brain. Some of these chemicals include oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins. A cocktail of these hormones leaves you feeling relaxed and sleepy.  A rise in estrogen levels helps enhance REM cycles for women, while men feel less alert and more relaxed. 

    1. An increase in libido- 

    If you are looking for ways to fuel your sexual urges then begin to have sex regularly. An increase in the production of natural vaginal lubrication, blood flow, and elasticity are all added advantages to sex.  For women who are reaching menopause, a drop in estrogen can cause vaginal dryness and a general decrease in their libido.  Making love can help them maintain their sex life and their relationship with their partner. Other interesting perks include longevity in bed. Thanks to technology, there are now penis pumps that help avoid early climaxing. However, if you are looking for alternatives, then making love is a thrilling technique to increase libido and sexual stamina. Bid adieu to early ejaculation by having sex regularly. 

    1. Builds emotional intimacy- 

    The feeling of sex cannot be explained in words. It causes fireworks in our body. However, sex is not merely about the psychical thrill. It helps strengthen the emotional bond you have with your partner. Benefits of regular sex include a noticeable improvement in trust between partners. If you are looking to surprise your partner, then the best gift is spicing up your sex life through sex. Buy them anal beads, prostate massagers or kegel balls just to keep the spark alive in your relationship. 

    1. Improved mental health-

    The covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. A reduced chance of depression is another valid reason why sex is necessary. Benefits of regular sex include releasing of feel-good hormones or happy hormones in the body. Upon regular sex, the body increases its production of serotonin which acts as a neurotransmitter and helps battle depression. 

    1. Decrease in levels of stress-

    Having a terrible day at work? Is life stressing you out? Worry not, as a very useful perk of a healthy sex life is a drop in stress levels. As mentioned earlier, the body produces happy hormones upon orgasms. People who engage in sex regularly are said to be happier and have the ability to handle stress better. 

    1. Improved bladder control-

    One of the most surprising advantages of sex is decreased chances of developing an overactive bladder. A strong pelvic floor is imperative to avoid incontinence. A good number of women (around 30%) go through a weak bladder at some point in their lives. Regular sex is considered to be a workout for the pelvic region and associated muscles. Contractions and expansions in this area due to orgasms can strengthen the muscles, therefore developing bladder control.

    1. A surge in levels of estrogen and testosterone-

    Testosterone is vital for building passion and sexual urge in men. It helps with sexual performance in bed and is a key component of healthy muscles and bones. The benefits of regular sex include regulated cholesterol level and a healthy heart. For women, having sex every day is said to help avoid heart diseases and decrease body odour.

    1. A happier heart-

    Having sex actively can make your heart happy. It increases your heart rate and pumps fresh blood to your cells and organs. It is a rejuvenating experience not just for you but for your body as well. During sex, the body also gets rid of toxins and other hormones. Furthermore, the benefits of regular sex also include cardiovascular health improvements such as the reduced risk of heart diseases. 

    1. Relief from bodily pains- 

    Alleviation of pain is a key reason why sex is necessary. Covid-19 has given people no choice but to sit at home, and an inactive lifestyle can lead to frequent bouts of fatigue.  Orgasms have the capability to block pain. Doctors have confirmed that sex without climaxes or masturbation can provide relief for the body from leg and back pain as well. Vaginal and genital stimulation are great techniques for reducing period cramps, and even headaches. So, the next time you reach out for paracetamol, try a vibrator instead!

    1. Lesser chances of prostate cancer-

    Fadoodling can make you happy, but it can also protect you against serious health issues such as prostate cancer. According to studies conducted by Havard University, men who engage in sex and ejaculate more than 21 times in a month have a lowered risk of prostate cancer by a whopping 31%. Additionally, men who ejaculate 8-12 times a month decreased the risk of prostate cancer by 10%. 

    While there are several benefits of regular sex, here are some tips to keep in mind while practising sex. 

    • Practise consent- It is of utmost importance to make sure that both parties who engage in sex are comfortable. Anything that is not an enthusiastic yes is considered a no, so make sure your partner is comfortable, for a passionate and wonderful experience. 
    • Use toys and lubes-  It is completely normal and in fact recommended to make use of lubricants. Some women may experience vaginal dryness and can experience discomfort during penetration, however, lubricants can solve this problem easily. Another common school of thought is that usage of toys such as massagers or vibrators is unnecessary. Using toys can build up tension and helps achieve a lasting orgasm. 
    • Practise safe sex- You may not always have the best knowledge about your partner in sexual connections, this increases your chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Taking protection through condoms is of the highest priority and lets you enjoy your time without worrying thoughts of STDs. 
    • Communication is key- Some couples have safe words, while some couples speak openly. This does not pertain only to discussing fetishes or role-play ideas, openly communicating with your partner helps both parties understand each other’s expectations and increases satisfaction in bed. 
    • “Don’t rush, slow touch”- This catchy TikTok song applies in bed as well. Take your time, do not skip foreplay and just feel the moment. Those extra minutes can help you feel aroused and build passion in bed. When you take it slow and breezy, it becomes much more intimate and gratifying. 

    To conclude, the benefits of regular sex are many. They improve your overall mental and physical health. They help you protect from common health issues such as fever and cold to serious diseases such as prostate cancer. Regular sex helps you sleep better and feel better both in bed and throughout the day. However, the most important takeaway would be to practise consensual and safe sex. When both parties are having fun, sex gets much more interesting and beneficial. For more such blogs, visit our blog page.

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    Up Next : Shop different types of vibrators to spice up your sex life

    Team Love Depot

    Added on: Jul 16, 2021

      There are several paths we take to achieving sexual pleasure. Everything we do during acts of sexual engagement is aimed at fulfilling sexual desire. There are plenty of erotic zones in a woman’s body. All you need to do is explore them and navigate to figure out how you can achieve ultimate sexual pleasure. Vibrators are a great aid in helping you get there. These sex toys and pleasure aidsare designed to provide you with safe sexual experimentation and also allow you to move past any fears or apprehension you may have about using various kinds of sex toys and different types of vibrators for women. 

      Before you check out the different types of vibrators or vibrator cost, let's first understand how you should choose a vibrator to give you an orgasm of your choice. The first step is to figure out what are the different types of vibrators you want. In simple terms, which part of your body gives you the most pleasure? Are you someone who enjoys clitoral stimulation? Does vaginal and G-spot stimulation do the job for you? Or are you into anal stimulation? Vibrators help you figure out what kind of stimulation works for you. After, all its all about exploring your body and your sexual preferenced. 

      Broad categories of various types of vibrators:

      • Internal Vibrators: They vibrators for women are inserted into the vagina and simulate the act of penetration during intercourse. They are often long, slender, cylindrical - fish shaped and made out of silicone or latex.
      • External Vibrators: They sex aids are used on external private parts such as the clitoris and labia. If you derive sexual pleasure from these parts, external vibrators are a great clitoral stimulation toy to start with. These toys can also be used during sexual intercourse as an additional pleasure aid.
      • Combination Vibrators: As the name suggests, this is a different type of vibrator for women that stimulates both internal as well as external genitalia. You can use these to stimulate the vulva, labia and clitoris as well as the vagina through penetration. These clitoral stimulation toys cum vaginal toys offer a double bonanza in terms of orgasms.
      • Anal Vibrators: These vibrators for women have a broad base and a long handle so that the head doesnt get stuck inside. They’re excellent aids for anal play. 

      At Love Depot, you have so many varieties of vibrators that you’ll be spoilt for choice!  Let’s make it easier for you by presenting some of the different types of vibrators you can experiment with to kink up your sex life!

      1. Clitoral Vibrator:

      If you’re wondering if vaginal penetration is the only way to achieve sexual pleasure, you’ll be happy to know that's not the case. Your clitoris has 8000 nerve endings that are extremely sensitive to touch! In fact, that's twice the number of nerve endings present in the penis! Your clitoris is capable of giving you multiple orgasms when dealt with the right way. The clitoris has two components, one internal and one external. The external portion is easily accessible with a clitoral vibrator, that is enough to give you unforgettable orgasms! Pop culture has constantly told us that penetration is the only sure shot way to pleasure. Let’s get rid of that narrative shall we, because clitoral vibrators and clitoral toys give you pleasure and a lot more. Your clitoris is an important pleasure point and this type of vibrator makes sure that you’re well aware of that! In case you’re worried about the vibrator cost, don't worry. You will find several pleasure toys and different types of vibrators for women and clitoral toys that are extremely affordable on Love Depot. 

      2. Massage Wand:

      Have you ever searched for vibrators online and have come across weird mic like things that are couched as ‘face massagers?’. Well, it's possible they make your cheeks feel great, but these little mics are actually meant to massage more intimate areas of your body such as for clitoral stimulation as well as stimulation of other external errogenous zones such as the labia, vulva and even other parts of your body.
      Say hello to the massage wand, a relaxing vibrator that is sure to create magic when used with the right spells. The massage wand is a sex aids that discriminates among no one and is undoubtedly one of the best types of vibrators for women out there. Its a sex toy that is suitable for all female bodies and has adjustable vibrating intensitities that can be adjusted based on your mood. It has a round, broad-ish head and a long tail, which makes it super easy to hold. You can try various sex positions with the magic massage wand. So the next time you’re bored and solo, just get a DIY pleasure packed massage with your pleasure toys right at home! 

      3. Bullet Vibrator:

      If you’re starting out with various kinds of sex toys and are looking for discreet sex aids, the bullet vibrator is a good place to start. Do not be deceived by their size, because these cute little vibrators can give you some pretty incredible orgasms! Bullet vibrators offer very targeted stimulation. The best part about this pleasure toy is that it can be attached to harnesses and dildos and offers a lot of flexibility in terms of intensity too. Since bullet vibrators are small, they are extremely convenient for travel too. You can also use a bullet vibrator on other erogenous zones of your body for greater stimulation. These different types of vibrators for women sound great, no? The bullet vibrator cost is quite affordable too!

      4. Rabbit Vibrator:

      If you’re looking for the best of both worlds - that is vaginal stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation, the rabbit vibrator is an ideal choice of a pleasure toy for you. As the name suggests, the vibrator looks like it has two bunny  ears of disproportionate size attached to a smaller head for clitoral stimulation and a larger one for penetration, to help you stimulate that G - spot. What makes the rabbit vibrator so good, is that you get blended , two in one orgasms! Rabbit vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys as well as clitoral toys among women. These different types of vibrators for women are usually made out of silicone, latex or other body friendly chemicals that makes the process of stimulation very easy. 

      5. Wearable vibrator: 

      While your standard clitoral and bullet vibrators continue to be very popular, wearable vibrators are severely underrated and offer so much potential for unforgettable mind blowing orgasms. If you want hands-free sexual stimulation and really want to enjoy the full experience of going solo without constantly holding on to your vibrator, the wearable vibrator is the perfect choice for you. You can also use wearable vibrators outside the bedroom, since most of them are extremely quiet and make absolutely no sound. Depending on whether you want clitoral stimulation, G spot stimulation or even anal stimulation, you have different types of vibrators to choose from.

      6. Suction Vibrators:

      Suction vibrators are a very different type of vibrator.  They imitate oral sex (Yes) and is indeed a milestone in this sexual revolution. Clitoral suction vibrators create air pressure and in turn a vaccum following which the vibrator sucks on your clitoris, imitating what would typically take place during oral sex. Here comes a rather interesting part about this type of vibrator. Have you ever wondered what oral sex and penetrative sex at the same time feels like? You can indulge this curiosity by investing in a suction vibrator. It is literally a multi - orgasmic magic machine. Also, many women cannot orgasm through penetrative sex alone. They require clitoral stimulation as well as penetration to achieve sexual pleasure. 

       If you’re someone who wants to please their female partner, why not focus on the penetration bit, and let a suction vibrator as a sex aid take care of the rest? Various kinds of sex toys such as suction vibrators for women help both partners enjoy sex to the fullest! 

      7. The G-Spot Vibrator:

      Ahh, the mysterious G-spot. People spend half their lives trying to find this cryptic pleasure paradise, and we really don't want women missing out on some great G-spot stimulation, do we? Women, after all deserve heightened sexual experiences and there’s nothing better than a G-spot vibrator to make them happen! As the name suggests, this type of vibrator has one mission, one aim - cut straight to the chase and hit the nail on the head. The G-spot is a notorious errogenous zone on the upper wall of the vagina, and is actually part of the same set of nerves that are present in the clitoris. The clioris has 8000 nerve endings, which means you can imagine how sensitive the G spit is!  This sex aid is designed in such as way so as to perfectly tap into that orgasmically abundant zone to get your toes tingling. The G- spot vibrator is quite long and sleek, and does a good job of making pleasure happen. The G - spot vibrator cost varies based on brand and material, and you will find affordable pleasure toys, different types of vibrators for women, and various kinds of sex toys here at Love Depot. 

      8. Anal Vibrators:

      An anal vibrator, as the name suggests is a vibrator that is designed to sexually stimulate the anus for both men and women. They produce vibrations in the rectum that give rise to pleasurable sensations. They have a larger base, many times even spherical to prevent the vibrator from getting stuck inside the anus. Remember, the anus does not produce natural lubrication, therefore its very important to use plenty of lube before you decide to use an anal vibrator. There are different types of vibrators such as vibrating anal probes, butt plugs and even beads. If you’re into anal play, an anal vibrator is the perfect sex aid that shoud be on your bedside table! 

      At Love Depot, shop from a range of clitoral stimulation toys, anal toys, different types of vibrators for women, foreplay toys, BDSM toys and more to indulge in orgasmic solo play and spice up your sex life!

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      Up Next : Sex tips for relationship - Spice up your sex life

      Team Love Depot

      Added on: Jan 17, 2022

        Sex is fun if you think out of the box. But are you feeling bored with your sex life? Do you think that the spark is missing now and you, love birds, need something that'll reignite that desire in you? Looking for sex tips for your relationship isn’t something to be judged. It's because once you get used to the concept of sex with the partner, the magic fades, and that is a studied fact. Once you're habitual of the sex, it almost feels like a routine. Sure the climax is the best part, but all that in between is special too. All this can affect your emotional bond too, and you really don't want that to happen. 

        Most couples misunderstand this and feel that they have fallen out of love, but that is not the case. The one that melted your heart is still there, all it needs is a little push and that's why we are here to help you!

        The spark, thrill and wild desire are still there, but due to the routine familiarity, you guys cannot seem to find it. Don't let the boredom in the bed get the better of your bond. Turn up the temperature of your love and lust with these 10 sex tips for your relationship. Let's spice up your sex life.

        1. Explore yourself in other activities equally: Don't constrict your physical adventures to just making love. Try to develop hobbies (preferably with your partner) like dancing, playing a sport, doing yoga or going to fun activities. Add some Dopamine rush to your life with activities that excite and thrill you. Do a game night if that makes you happy. Go for escape room adventures, a gaming parlour, teach your partner video games, go watch a horror movie(see who is more scared!) or have a fun date at an amusement park! There are a plethora of activities that you can do together. Your mind needs to balance all aspects of life. Repeatedly indulging in sex might lead to losing the charm and vibing off. Your emotional health is closely dependent on physical health, so do try out these sex tips for your relationship to go the next step.
        2. Talk it out with your partner- This is These are one of the basic yet effective sex tips for your relationship. Not just fromain the perspective of sex tips, but for the overall health of your relationship. You’ve probably heard a lot of this and might be bored of it now, but communication is the key to a solid relationship. Yes, we said it, and in fact, relationships are built on trust and honesty, whether it be an emotional or a formal one at your office. So we recommend talking openly and freely about your sexual desires, wild interests, anal intercourse, fantasies, different and fun sex positions and basically all that you feel. Don't mince words under your breath, and talk freely and openly about it. If you can speak about your emotions, insecurities and basically all life brings to you, then why can't you pour your heart out about your bedroom desires? Well, it can be something as simple as using sex toys for couples when making love, roleplay activities, trying BDSM stuff with your partner, new positions, anal pleasure(we got anal sex tips too!), and there's so much more! Don't restrict your physical needs thinking, "what will my partner say/feel/react?" So trust us when we say it, take these sex tips for your relationship and talk it out with your partner because it'll do wonders for both of you.
        3. Mutual masturbation- Watch, adapt, improvise and learn. Watching your partner masturbate is much better than watching porn, right? Be open to experiment! We know how to please ourselves the best, so why not make it an educational lesson for your partner? You can watch your partner masturbate and learn what they like, what movements, which flow, which sex toy to masturbate with, their favourite vibrator if they use one, a specific dildo, a specific position and the range is limitless! All this vulnerability leads to a stronger bond; thus, these points are the finest sex tips for your relationship and life too. For a crazy adventure, use a vibrator to pleasure your partner, and control it as you like it. Watch your lover go crazy and find a boost in that.
        4. Fun sex positions to explore: Did you know that the Kamasutra has 64 types of sexual positions? You heard that right, 64! And all of them are the most fun sex positions you can try with your partner. Most of us settle for just 3-4 and keep them on our routine sex playlist. This can be monotonous and after a point in time, you might not feel the same thrill as you did in the initial stages. So the answer is, go explore fun sex positions with your lover. Standing, lying down, side to side, girl on top, the guy on top and so many more. Don't limit yourself in trying all of these fun sex positions with your lover.
        5. Sex toys for couples- Ready for toys and fun sex tips for your relationship? These wild toys are not just for personal satisfaction. You can find sex toys for couples too. What is stopping you to use these fun sex toys for couples? There are sex toys specifically for couples that play an important factor in most long-term relationships in the modern era. Women don't stop using their vibrators just because they have found a partner. And if both of you are completely new to this concept, then try using a sex toy while making love with your partner. It'll add some thrill to your sex lives and break the monotonous feeling. You can use a vibrator to stimulate your partner’s clitoris for increased pleasure, or you can use cock rings that work wonders too! If you are up for extreme ventures, then anal beads or butt plugs can add simulation to your sexual adventures or carry a pocket pussy to surprise him and watch him orgasm. So do not miss this opportunity and dive into the pool of lust with various types of sex toys for couples.
        6. BDSM and role play- Please do not misunderstand BDSM stuff if you've just watched Fifty Shades of Grey. BDSM is way different and 100% consensual. Before digging deep, you need to understand what BDSM stuff is. BDSM includes bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism & masochism (S&M). The acronym is mixed up because it can vary from person-to-couple as to what interests them the most. A person might either like all of the mentioned categories or just one of those. BDSM stuff with your partner may vary from slightly choking or dropping her on the bed to whips, handcuffs and ball gags. Often BDSM stuff involves one partner being the dominant and the controller, while the other is submissive and gets controlled by the former. Couples can even switch roles often to experiment and add a spark to their romance. Do not dive into sex with handcuffs or gag balls. Avoid using slipknots since they can damage your blood circulation. Tease with feathers, food, tongue and fingers. Always keep an unrelated safeword so that your partner knows when to stop. Do your research on:
          -Types of BDSM
          -BDSM tools
          -BDSM games
          -BDSM positions
          -BDSM toys

          It's pretty obvious but, never perform BDSM stuff with a stranger.
        7. Talk dirty and be rough in bed: Here comes the wild sex tips for your relationship that be amazing. Don't criticize so early, hear us out. Of course, we like being babied, and all that sweet talk that you feel is so cute but might cringe when someone else does it. I mean, it is love after all. But, it's often the awkwardness that you assume might come out funny rather than dirty (which is cute too). Talk about this with your partner and try starting with easy terms like "you've been a bad girl", "I wanna tear off your pants", "f*ck me harder", "you like this naughty girl?" and much more that you feel that will fit at the moment. Say them like you mean it and not with half efforts. Being rough isn't the same as BDSM. It can be activities similar to talking dirty, pulling hair, spanking, leaving hickeys, taking control, scratching, biting and grabbing harshly. Make sure to always get consent in the process. There is a difference between physical roughness and physical assault. Pretty sure your partner would love politeness in the streets, but a freak in the sheets.
        8. Anal intercourse- We have opened the forbidden door (or should I say the forbidden hole!). If you’re new and looking for anal sex tips, then you’re at the right place. A study from NIH suggests that almost 43% men and 37% women have experienced anal intercourse at least once in their lives. For those who aren't aware of it, anal involves involves your anus in the sexual order like sex toys for couple for anal or penetration of the penis. Anal intercourse is common among gay couples but that doesn't mean others sexual classes can't enjoy that. But make sure to be cautious, use enough lubricant for anal intercourse for smoothness and start slowly, like an inch of a finger, small butt plugs, large butt plugs and then proper penetration. Giving you the best anal sex tip that always use flared bases. Don’t wanna damage your body parts in the process of making wild love.
        9. Skip the bedroom- You have the entire house to yourself, right? Then why not use every room and place that you can. Once you are confident about the with your privacy your home affords you,and security, go explore various places in your home. Wondering which is the best place for having sex other than your bedroom? Go for sex on the couch, dining table, kitchen table, home office room, bathroom(shower sex), on the floor, standing in the living room, balcony(ensure privacy) and the favourite car back seat.
        10. Room for one/some more!- Oops! Guess this is a touchy topic for couples, ain't that correct? Even the idea of someone randomly touching your partner may trigger you. But it is a common activity that most couples do, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Polygamy is a common practice and can be perfected with the right person and obviously consent. Hundreds of generations of our ancestors passed the infidelity gene down to us, due to the reproductive success of cheaters. It may not have made us happy, it may not have made us good partners. Just be sure if you're planning for a threesome with a friend of yours, be careful of your bond and that things don't get awkward. Orgies are great if you feel the need to experiment with a group of people. There are cuckold fantasies in which a partner fantasizes their partner f*cking someone else. All of this is fun and games with consent, trust and wildness.


        Now you know the best sex tips for your relationship. All of your efforts matter because sex isn't something to neglect or be monotonous. It is quite often that relationships start to lose their magic because of dull sex life. Apply these tips with your partner and discuss them. A wild, fun and adventurous lovemaking session is on its way!

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        Up Next : Ideas for long-distance couples- Keeping the romance alive

        Team Love Depot

        Added on: Jul 16, 2021

          Every relationship starts with a spark, excitement and that pretty "honeymoon phase". But after a certain point of time, especially when away from each other, you try to look into ideas for long-distance couples. The distance becomes unbearable, and all you could think of what life would be if you both lived together or at least nearby. The honeymoon phase is where you see zero flaws, and everything feels smooth and flows effortlessly. You feel the world is perfect, and nothing can separate the two of you. However, time can test the best of relationships, and it certainly gets difficult when it's long-distance. Long-distance can be against choice, especially with the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. You need to cope with the environment, and you need ideas to keep the spark alive. 

          Finding things to do in the daily workload cycle may be tough, and at first, you might feel awkward trying something fun and wild. But, don't worry because we have got you covered!

          We will be giving 9 ideas for long-distance couples that will keep the romance alive:

          1. Have a Virtual date night: Giving romantic ideas for long-distance couples at first. Go and try with a virtual date via any video call portal you feel has great connectivity. It can be a casual dinner date too. You can decide a bit early and decorate your rooms in the same way. Try giving it a candle-light dinner vibe so that it looks romantic. You can dress up in formals to match the scenario. Trust us, this will be special and cute. You can set soothing music at a low volume, adjust the vibe in the room with light red or yellow lights to match the mood and add some champagne/wine or your favourite drink. Given the distance situation that you guys have currently, that'll be a romantic and cute idea to try out.
          2. Movie Date time: This is one of the best ideas for long-distance couples with minimal efforts. If you both have time available in the evening or anytime in the day, try Netflix watch parties or any similar video call application. With this, you can probably keep the half screen of your lover and the other half of the movie you wish to watch. It might not have the same vibe as cuddling on the sofa and sharing a popcorn bag together, but it's better than nothing. Watch your favourite romantic, chick-flick, horror(fun if one is super scared of scary films) and much more. It's a simple and cute idea for long-distance couples to implement in their lives. Watch movies similar to LDR like The Notebook, Time Traveler's Wife, What if and Sleepless in Seattle.
          3. Phone sex ideas? Phone sex ideas!: Oh yes, how can we miss out on this yummy topic. With the modern technological upgrades in the world, there is no way you can miss out on phone sex ideas. Wondering how you can implement any long-distance sex ideas? We got you! You might be covering the emotional and physical parts of your relationship, but that does not mean you sacrifice the physical pleasure. Set a specific time when both of you are free from work, household chores and most importantly, have complete privacy. Dim the lights a bit, light up candles and if you can get in comfy clothes or hot lingerie for her to tease around a bit. You can either do it over the phone or with the video call on. Start talking wild and dirty with your partner and arouse each other with your words. A phone long-distance sex ideas are to add sex toys to the mix. This will elevate your pleasure levels and make both of you hornier. Try out roleplay too with dress-ups to make it more romantic and adventurous. These are the most fun long-distance sex ideas that you'll discover.
          4. Sexting: If time doesn't allow you to video call each other, then you can spice up the relationship by sexting. Try out spontaneously to make it more adventurous. Does your girl have a meeting at 7? Send a sexy nude playing with yourself with a vibrator and wish her luck! Your man is probably out buying groceries? Send a semi-nude teasing her on what she is missing out on. Sexting can be creative- as long as you want it to be (that's what she said!). Be creative at it while you do it. Send pictures, short videos, talk wild and describe the things you'd do when you both are in a room together. You can even use sex toys while sexting to increase pleasure levels. Try experimenting with various long-distance sex ideas that barge in your head.
          5. Long-distance relationship games:  There are almost 1000+ long-distance relationship games that you can try and play online with your lover. Try a game a card game like UNO, a board game like ludo or monopoly, a conversational game like truth & dare, 2 truths 1 lie, 20 questions, a video call game like dumb charades or Pictionary and the list goes on. Wild couples often love playing stripping games where if the other person loses a round at any game, they strip off a piece of clothing. Challenge the stereotype that girls can't play video games and teach your girlfriend an online video game on your favourite console. Try all the long-distance relationship games with your partner and have fun
          6. Make an LDR Playlist: Long-distance date ideas list won't be complete without some music, right? Dedicate a song that makes you think of your lover or maybe dedicate an entire playlist for them. Make them feel special, share lyrics with them that make you miss them. Give it that 90's mixtape love vibes with a bit of modernity. Make a playlist that you think of your lover, that makes you miss them, that you want to listen to while making love, that makes you happy, that you both can listen to while driving and basically everything that connects the two of you. You can even make one together describing your relationship and listening to it together. These little things matter in a relationship, and you need to make the most of them.
          7. Explore the city: This is one of the most adventurous ideas for long-distance couples to implement. You can go somewhere you love going or a completely new place that you like to call a "happy place". Stay on video call during this adventure. You can visit places that you loved to visit or like a potential future date place too. Share pictures and videos while at it and make your partner do the same at their place. (Please follow this tip if it is safe to step outside considering the pandemic).
          8. Write a love letter: Not exactly one of the long-distance date ideas but certainly a cute move you can create for your lover. Actions do speak louder than words, but that does not mean words don't matter. Send your lover a postcard with your hand written love letter saying how much you miss them. Express your feelings because long-distance relationships can be really tough. You might be craving a hug or a cuddle from your partner, but the circumstances won't allow that. So, aim at expressing whatever you feel with an old-school love letter. It'll make your partner really happy and even more if it is handwritten. If you can send it with a postcard, then scan it on your desktop and e-mail the same. It's the efforts that will matter the most. Don't let the love between the two of you fade away.
          9. Create a Bucket List: Turn these ideas for long-distance couples into a future date idea! Make a list of things you plan on doing whenever you finally decide to meet and hang out together. It might be a tough one because you will end up wanting to do all of these things at that moment rather than waiting for the moment to come later on. But still, it can be a fun and romantic task that you guys can do together. Add in stuff like visiting your favourite pizza place, watching a movie in the cinema hall, playing games at a gaming parlour, walking in the garden or visiting a nightclub and dancing.


          Finding ideas for long-distance couples can be really difficult. You can solve this problem with these long-distance date ideas that are really fun and eccentric if implemented correctly. Don't let your love fizzle out because of distance. Spread and share love despite being miles away. 

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