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11 Health Benefits of Masturbation

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Added on: Jul 16, 2021

    One extremely important aspect of maintaining reproductive and sexual health is masturbation.  There are various health benefits to masturbation but due to a different schools of thought, people shy away from exploring it. Masturbation, when done right, can be a heavenly experience. Doctors believe that it can be a regular part of your life. Let us look at some of the health benefits of masturbation, and tools you can use to satisfy yourself. 

    Benefits of masturbation:

    1. Improve heart health-

    It is a common myth that vrigorous sex can increase your chances of having a heart attack or stroke. While it may be true in some cases, there are more advantages to masturbation than disadvantages. One of the main health benefits of masturbation is that it can improve heart health and protect you from cardiovascular diseases. According to The American Journal of Cardiology, men who orgasmed twice a week had fewer strokes than men who orgasmed just once a month. There is no harm in self-lovelone rangering, in fact, it is a recommended practice to prioritise your bodily and sexual needs from time to time. 

    1. Improve relationships:

    The second in the list of health benefits of masturbation is that it is an effective way to improve relationships with one-self and with your partner. Firstly, masturbation lets you explore your own body. Through m-bating, you understand pleasure points, arousal factors, and understand what doesn’t work for you. While the health effects of masturbating are plenty, they also aid in improving mental health. People who masturbate have found to have a better relationship with their bodies than others who don’t masturbate. Understanding your turn-ons and turn-offs can help improve your relationship with your partner as you can attain better orgasms and enjoy a better sex life by guiding them to please you in bed. After all, sexual satisfaction lies at the heart of every healthy relationship, right?

    1. Helps with relief during periods:

    Whether it is a good old vibrator or a dildo, an app-based toy, or just your fingers, masturbation in any way, using any tool has helped significantly with women’s sexual health. It has proved to be useful especially during menstruation. During a woman’s period, the endometrial lining will start to shed. During this process, the uterus helps by contracting the muscles which can lead to painful cramps. However, during masturbation, there is a release of dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin which can help with fighting uncomfortable menstrual cramps. These neurotransmitters are just some of the health effects of masturbation. Regular masturbation can also help regulate cycles.

    1. Helps in boosting your mood:

    Irrespective of whether you climax or not, one of the health benefits of masturbation is that it can make you happy. Masturbation activates the hypothalamus and thalamus in the brain  which is vital for attaining pleasure. As mentioned earlier, neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin induce happiness as well. Better yet? One of the health effects of masturbation includes the reduction of anxiety and fear. Many people experience better self-esteem and a significant increase in self-confidence as masturbation decreases anxiety and is used as a safe technique to improve the relationship with oneself. 

    1. Leads to better sleep:

    If you are tossing and turning in the night, unable to sleep, paying a visit to your vulva/vagina or penis and giving them the required attention can help tremendously with sleeping patterns. Exploring your body through masturbation releases important chemicals such as prolactin which lead to relaxation. So if you want to sleep like a baby next time when you are experiencing restlessness, whip out some self-pleasure toys and masturbate your insomnia away!

    1. Longer time to climax:

    Sometimes, it so happens that your partner may not be able to perform as well as you or they would have wanted to. Climaxing early is a completely normal situation but it can lead to some pretty awkward moments in bed. Do not worry, because masturbation is a harmless way to improve relationships with sexual partners by giving them the satisfaction they yearn for. Regular masturbation, especially for men, can leads to better sex life as they have better control over ejaculation, leading to longer durations of tension and passion in bed. Masturbation also increases sexual libido, so you and your partner can now enjoy more wild sexual encounters with each other. 

    1. Provide relief from body pain:

    Having a long day at work? Having a headache due to staring at the screen for a long time? Is your body feeling sore from workouts or long walks? One of the main health benefits of masturbation is that it can relieve you from bodily pains like fatigue, headaches and minor body aches. According to studies, when masturbation was included in part of women’s sexual health, their threshold for pain increased by 40%. Masturbation can surely help with pain sensitivity while taking you for a joy ride. 

    1. Radiant and glowing looking skin:

    Who knew that one of the health effects of masturbation would be better skin?  While it may not help with actual skin problems such as acne and hyper-pigmentation, it can bring a glow to your skin. This effect is not related to only women’s sexual health but also men’s, because one of the main health benefits of masturbation is that it increases the production of estrogen. It is a popular myth that male bodies do not produce estrogen. Men require estrogen and masturbation can help release estrogen in the body. An increase in estrogen levels can improve skin’s radiance and bring a post-masturbation glow. For folks concerned about premature balding, masturbation can improve hair health as well- All hail estrogen! 

    1. Reduced chances of prostate cancer:

    If you have a penis, male or any gender, you are susceptible to prostate cancer. Taking your penis to palm prom can reduce your chances of prostate cancer. According to research, one of  the many health benefits of masturbation is a lower risk of prostate cancer. Men who ejaculate 21+ times a month than men who ejaculate 4-7 times a month have a reduced 31% risk of prostate cancer.  Furthermore, ejaculating 8-12 times a month decreased the risk of prostate cancer by 10%.

    1. Increase in immunity:

    The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously made us all question our immunity.  According to studies, regular masturbation can help to increase our immunity. It was found that post masturbation, there was an increase in the production of white blood cells and a transient increase in adrenaline.  Now, this is what we call a win-win situation, not only do you attain heavenly pleasure but you also improve your immunity in doing so!

    1. Helps maintain an erectile penis:

    It is natural to experience erectile dysfunction during sex. Sexual performance pressure is a very real and valid fear for many.  This fear may be due to lack of experience, or lack of awareness as to what helps them feel aroused. Masturbation provides a better sex life because it acts as a workout for your pelvic floor. Masturbating 3-5 times a week can significantly improve muscle tone, especially for older men making the penis hard and erect. Masturbation keeps the “angle of your dangle” upright and “rock-solid” throughout sex.

    Tips to keep in mind while masturbating:

    Now that we have understood the various health effects of masturbation here are some tips to keep in mind while masturbating.

    • Make sure you are comfortable and in a clean environment
    • Make use of lubes, massage oils etc to increase or accelerate arousal 
    • Explore other erogenous points and not just the party downstairs
    • Add in toys like prostate stimulators, anal beads, vibrators etc
    • Start slowly and take time to truly understand what works and what doesn’t
    • Do not panic if you don’t climax, it takes a few tries 
    • Try out different positions and hands 

    In a “nut”-shell, there are a plethora of health benefits of masturbation. Better sex life, improved mental and physical health, reduced risk of prostate cancer, better skin, better libido, improved immunity etc are just some of the health effects of masturbation. There are various techniques and methods to masturbating.  There is no right technique when it comes to masturbating, it is a very personal relative process. Some people prefer toys, while some people harness the power of hands.  While there are various techniques, the very essence of it is to take some-time toway to enjoy yourself and celebrate your body. Bringing in additional pressure to perform even when you are solo might not be the best stimuli. So, keep it chill, take your time and let your toys/fingers do the magic. If you enjoyed this blog on the health benefits of masturbation, then do visit our blog page for more blogs on different sex positions, different types of sex toys and more!

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    Team Love Depot

    Added on: Nov 28, 2022

      They say a lube can really uplift a sexual experience by encouraging a sense of smoothness, confidence and consistency in maintaining a comfortable rhythm. Couples can use and should treat lubes as an add-on, especially when they intend to experiment with positions and toys. In fact, using them with sex toys - whether you’re alone or with your partner, is an essential step in making your sexual journey as smooth as possible - pun intended.

      The market has an array of lubricants available and while they all serve the same purpose, their ingredients can and do differ. The most popular bases for lubes are:

      • Water
      • Silicone
      • Oil
      • Natural


      One of the most popular choices from the world of lubes is water-based lubricants. They have no taste, feel very much like natural lubrication and are less likely to irritate or inflame sensitive skin. They are safe to use during oral sex as well and are generally absorbed quickly by the skin unlike others. Added benefits include being completely compatible with condoms - as compared to most oil-based sex lubes or petroleum jellies that can corrode latex. They are also extremely compatible with sex toys and we highly recommend using it during your play time.


      These lubricants do not contain water. While it may work for many, and not so much for others, your sexual journey is not set in stone and exploring your choices is a healthy way to understand what works best for your skin and body. These feel a little different on the skin as they don’t get absorbed quickly like water or oil as silicone-based lubes are hypoallergenic in nature. They can be safely used with condoms and don't require as many reapplications. The only major drawback is that it cannot be used with sex toys as they tend to solidify on them and may leave a sticky residue. 


      If you want to avoid reapplying lube, we recommend you use an oil-based lubricant. But bear in mind that these lubes are not compatible with latex condoms. There’s a risk of the condom ripping or tearing during the act - making it unsafe and compromising on the protection factor (against STDs and unplanned pregnancies). Some other concerns that rise with using oil-based lubricants include staining of sheets and clothes. But they can be doubled up and used for massaging your partner, so go ahead and give it a try some time. We recommend you don’t use oil-based lubes with sex toys as it can hamper the quality of the silicone and damage it.


      There’s always going to be a time when going natural is a ‘natural’ choice for many. Especially for those who are concerned about certain ingredients that go into the manufactured products. In such cases, using coconut oil is a popular choice. But it comes with added risks like condom breakage and staining of sheets. Also, the coconut oil used for daily activities should be separate from the one being used for your sexual activities. Avoid using it with sex toys as they aren’t compatible.

      Now that we’ve given a detailed lowdown on the various types of lubes available, it’s up to you to make the right choice for you and/or your partner. Remember to stick to water-based lubricants if you intend to use them with sex toys. Find our entire collection of lubes here: https://lovedepot.com/lubes/

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      Team Love Depot

      Added on: Nov 28, 2022

        Ever wondered if there’s something out there for you to experience firmer erections, better stamina delayed ejaculations without actually consuming any form of drug or medication? Well, say hello to Vibrating Rings aka Penis Rings aka Cock Rings.

        Multiple names, one fabulous goal. Penis rings - whether they vibrate or not - can pump up your sexual performance to a whole new level. Maybe it’s time you explored this side and became your own very own “lord of the rings”...Excuse the pun, but you know what we mean, right?

        Key Features: Most Vibrating Rings are designed for extra pleasure. They are discreet, waterproof, and noise-free. They are made with quality silicone and have zero allergens - making it safe on skin.

        How to use? All vibrating rings are designed keeping in mind the same end goal - ie. to deliver the ultimate form of pleasure. But here are a few essential steps to keep in mind while using them.

        Step 1: Before putting on a cock ring, apply and spread a decent amount of lube around the inner part. This will help it slide down a penis more easily. Note: Preferably use a water-based lube to avoid causing damage to the ring. Step 2: Make sure your well-lubricated penis is semi-erect while placing the ring over the head and sliding it down the shaft and onto the base. You can place it over a fully erect penis as well, depending on your girth or the size of the ring.  Step 3: Start off with a position you and your partner are comfortable with - like missionary or even doggy in some cases and then you can move on to experimenting once you’ve got the hang of it. Important note: Avoid keeping a cock ring on for more than 20-30 minutes. Although the blood flow restriction is usually safe in short bursts, it can eventually turn painful after prolonged use.

        Why use it? The joy of mutual stimulation can be ultra exciting so why not give your sex life a sensual upgrade? Vibrating Rings are available in various shapes and forms but are all designed to be adjustable to make sure it fits no matter what size. The beauty of using these with your partner is that it works towards achieving mutually explosive and almost synchronised orgasms. Yes, it’s possible.

        Some of these rings are ergonomically designed with a small appendage or extension, which is almost like a small bullet vibrator which which is meant for clitoral stimulation, which is key to achieving wholesome female orgasms.

        Some rings are designed to enhance a man’s performance by curbing the blood flow to the penis - leading to harder and long-lasting erections. A smarter choice to make over popping pills, what say?

        Some vibrating rings come with bluetooth technology. These rings can be controlled with  a few good buttons and  take your orgasms to the next level. Explore and play with a range of different vibration modes to level-up your sexual experience.

        Couples in long distance relationships can invest in a vibrating ring that can be controlled no matter where you are in the world, with the help of an app connected to your ring - making sure your intimacy game stays strong and exciting despite the distance!

        If you’d like to check out the various kinds of Vibrating Rings that are available for your pleasure, here’s the range available on our website.


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        Team Love Depot

        Added on: Nov 28, 2022

          Hello you. Welcome to this space - it’s safe and non-judgemental, with a whole lot of information on how to go about your sexual journey with an array of toys. Yes, we mean sex toys… And no, we aren’t going to shy away from the subject matter.

          The world of sex toys has a lot to offer and finding the one that works best for you is something we are excited about. For those wondering if it’s safe to use them… Yes, absolutely. Every toy has something wonderful to offer and is designed to be safe for intimate use.

          Let's talk about the various kinds of toys that are available for your pleasure. But first, it’s essential for you to know what you like and the kind of stuff you’re into. Are you into solo play or couple play? Or maybe both? Well, we can broadly segregate the many toys available on Love Depot into 2 major categories. 

          For Solo Play Enthusiasts It’s time to give “self love” a whole new meaning because having a partner isn’t a necessity anymore. Apt for those who are single, aren’t exploring or indulging in casual (but responsible) sex, these toys are designed to achieve exciting solo play experiences. They can work wonders as you slowly explore your own body, understand it better and take a deep dive in the world of self-stimulating pleasure.

          For Sexually Explorative Couples Sometimes adding certain sex toys to the mix of your sexual encounters with a partner is a great way to add a hint of exciting spice to your sexual bond. One may think it may hamper and maybe even overpower or replace the “human touch” experience. But don’t worry! We believe it has the power to amplify your sexcapades, deliver mutually stimulating orgasms and so much more. Sounds amazing, right? It certainly can be.

          Here are 6 product types that we think you should know about and consider owning at some point in your l

          G-SPOT VIBRATORS Safe to use on skin, waterproof and rechargeable every few hours, these toys are meant to be hybrid in nature. Strategically designed to hit the spot - pun intended, we believe it is a great way to explore and stimulate a woman’s g-spot. Whether you’re new to the world of toys or someone who is in the process of building a collection, a range of vibrating toys are available for various levels and have anywhere between 10-15 vibration modes to make the journey towards achieving explosive orgasms a lot more thrilling. Here are all the G-spot Vibrators available on our website. https://lovedepot.com/solo-play/g-spot/g-spot-vibrators/

          Ideal for: Mainly used for solo play but can be experimented with during couple play.

          TIPS TO USE: How you go about using these toys will depend on the toy itself. Most of them come with a basic step by step guide on how to use them but here are some things to keep in mind while using any g-spot vibrator.

          • Use enough lube and be gentle as you slowly work on yourself.
          • Eventually you can experiment with different levels of thrusting, slow massaging, clenching around the toy, gentle stroking and more, to see which technique works wonders for your g-spot.

          CLITORAL VIBRATORS Designed to deliver ultimate pleasure to a woman via clitoral stimulation, these vibrators have the power to empower a woman and her sexual needs. Give your clitoris the attention and love it desires with super sensual and manually customizable vibrations that make for great variations in the way you climax. Some toys are discreet enough to be used beyond your bedroom and even while you go about your day.

          Here are all the Clitoral Vibrators available on our website. https://lovedepot.com/solo-play/clitoral/clitoral-vibrators/

          Ideal for: Mainly used for solo play but can be experimented with during couple play.I

          TIPS FOR USE: It’s important you feel comfortable before choosing the play with these vibrators. Lay down alone or with your partner and explore this wonderful tool together. They usually have different vibration modes to offer. Here are some things to keep in mind during usage.

          • Begin with by gently using it over your erogenous zones ie. neck, breasts, thighs, shoulder, etc.
          • Eventually move to your vagina and play around with the various vibration modes to see what stimulates you the best. You can do this with or without a partner. Doing it with a partner is almost like a lesson in communication and bonding so go ahead and make it worth their while!
          • Once done, don’t forget to wash the vibrator with warm water and unscented soap. Store away in a cool and dry place

          AIR PULSE STIMULATOR Just when you think you’ve understood the beauty that is the clitoral and g-spot vibrator/massager, here comes another crazy toy. Adorable to look at but has a reputation to deliver bomb dot com orgasms, the Air Pulse Stimulator is every solo play enthusiast’s must-have. These come with multiple sucking or pulsing modes that are designed to stimulate the clitoris, but can also be used on nipples and other sexually sensitive zones to let your body reach climax is the most versatile way! Here are all the Air Pulse Stimulators available on our website. https://lovedepot.com/solo-play/clitoral/air-pulse/

          Ideal for: More commonly used for solo play but can also be used during couple play.

          TIPS FOR USE: Designed to engulf the clitoris with a gentle suction with zero touch pressure waves, they can make a woman cum with minimal to no touch. Here are some things to keep in mind why using a pressure wave clitoral stimulator like the Air Pulse.

          • Use a water-based lube on and around the clitoris as well as the ring of the stimulator’s cup. This should help create a good seal around the clitoris.
          • Keep the vibration setting low while starting off and adjust the intensity as and when you believe you’re ready to handle it.

          PENIS RINGS Rings that make you feel the “power”, these toys are designed to help men experience firmer erections, better stamina and delayed ejaculations. Penis rings aka cock rings come in various shapes and forms. Some don’t even come with the vibration mode but still do the job well. A smart man would ideally choose to invest in this ring rather than pills to consume to improve her overall “performance”. The vibration versions are great for the partner too as it enhances and encourages mutual orgasms. Here are all the Penis Rings available on our website. https://lovedepot.com/couple-fun/him-and-her/penis-rings/

          Ideal for: Mostly used for couple play.

          TIPS FOR USE Using a penis ring correctly can really enhance your sexual experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure the usage is at its full potential.

          • Don’t forget to apply a decent amount of lube before slipping it on.
          • Do not use the ring for more than 20-30 minutes in one go. Prolonged usage can lead to a painful and unpleasant experience.

          MASTURBATORS AKA STROKERS Ergonomically designed to give a penis a real-life sensation of blow jobs and hand jobs, the pleasure stroker can be a vibrating boon - especially for men who are single and don’t have the opportunity to practice casual sex (responsibly, of course!). It offers 15 different vibrating patterns at 5 varying speeds - basically there’s no competing with it. Don’t just limit it to solo play though. Couples can use it to take their foreplay game to the next level. It’s waterproof, travel-friendly and will give you unbelievably thrilling orgasms. Here are all the Masturbators available on our website. https://lovedepot.com/solo-play/penis/masturbators/

          Ideal for: More commonly used for solo play but can also be used during couple play.

          TIPS FOR USE: The joy of being able to experience the pleasure of a blowjob or hand job is unparalleled and most men would agree with that. So here are a few tips to keep in mind while using the stroker - designed to give you striking orgasms.

          • Use a generous amount of a water-based lube before sliding it on. Make sure it is wrapped around the shaft of your penis.
          • Start off slow when it comes to exploring the vibration modes and then move on to experimenting with different levels.
          • They’re easy to use, safe and ergonomically designed for intimate use, waterproof and allergen-free. Just make sure you wash them with warm water and unscented soap and store them in a cool and dry place to maintain the quality of the toys.
          Now that you’ve got a quick and easy lowdown on the world of sex toys, we recommend you explore the entire range we have to offer on our website.

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