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What makes Je Joue special?

What makes Je Joue special?

  • Safety

    Je Joue’s products are 100% vegan, dermatologically tested and developed in collaboration with health experts to provide a safe and premium experience. Say no more to unsafe adult products in India!

  • Easy to use

    The products are waterproof and USB chargeable making them travel-friendly to ensure your wild adventures aren’t restricted!

  • Quality

    We aim to deliver the best sensual experience to you hence we have developed a special motor. With Je Joue buy sex toys that vibrate at a unique low frequency that gives a deep rumbly sensation to enhance your orgasms.

  • Sex Positive

    We stand by this term and have created our collection to empower people to express and explore themselves to enrich their sexual experiences.

What people are saying

Whisper Quiet, Waterproof, USB Rechargeable

This toy is amazing. My partner loves it. She enjoys it for both external and internal stimulation. Powerful motor. Buttons are hard to push but this is still an amazing product. Easy to clean. Best vibrator on the market in our opinion. Variable settings to keep things interesting, slick charger. Battery life seems great so far. A well made product.


15th May 2021
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I love this vibrator! I've had it for over a year and a half and it's great for individual use and partner play. It's very strong and I love the different settings and patterns. It also lasts a long time after charging it. I was helping a friend pick out her first vibrator and this is the one I told her to get. Highly recommend!


02nd Jul 2021
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I’ve had this vibrator for YEARS maybe 4 or 5 and it still works perfectly. I love that it is made of body safe materials and the rechargeable feature is a must-have. Overall just great quality for a first time buyer and I would recommend this to anyone that’s a little unsure of the complicated or intimidating toys out there. It’s small and discreet, and pretty quiet.


26th Feb 2021
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Used my Uma for the first time yesterday and WOW! It took me a while to warm up but once I had, the orgasm was amazing and super intense. Very different from other vibrators I've tried. They gave me an orgasm quicker but wasn't as intense and enjoyable as with the Uma! Thank you JeJoue for designing such an amazing product!


05th May 2020
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I have bought so many other toys attempting to save money but nothing compares to this. It gets pretty strong when it's at it's highest and the extra vibrate settings are awesome! If you want something that is going to get you there. THIS IS FOR YOU. Don't even think of another product totally worth the money!


04th Aug 2020
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I'd seen this product in a store and instantly fell in love. The 3 weights are a joy to wear (for more than one reason!). Once inserted, there is no discomfort and they are rather comfortable. (Bonus points ladies if you forget they are there...!) The first weight was too light for me, so I switched to #2 which was a little more challenging; the weights are sized so that #1 and #2 won't just fall out, which is nice but it's still a good workout keeping them in place! #3 is a little tricksier since it's slimmer than the other 2 and heavier so you really have to work at keeping it in place. All in all, I'm really happy with my purchase; the toys can be washed with antibacterial hand soap, they're easy to store in their little box so they won't get knocked around etc. Take care to clean well around the top though, there is a tiny little ridge so you'll want to make sure you clean that thoroughly. I give this product 5/5; easily the best kegel weights I've ever used. :)


05th Mar 2020
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If you love anal play then this is the perfect toy for you, I’d definitely recommend this toy for an amazing, pleasurable product. App was easy to use and download.


22nd Mar 2019
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This was the first time I've heard of Je Joue. "First and Foremost, thank you to the brilliant minds that made this happen! the dual motors work wonderfully.The Design is Flawless! I Love the product.


27nd Jan 2019
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