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What makes Zumio special?

What makes Zumio special?

  • Rotation with precision!

    Zumio gives you précised stimulating energy without numbing or buzzing the skin with 8 speeds ranging from soft to rapid.

  • Choice of solo or duo play!

    You may now experience a variety of pleasure zones thanks to the precision tip and fully customizable intensity and compact size and ergonomic handle are ideal for use during foreplay for perfect deliverance whenever you need it!

  • Pressure Sensitive

    Finally, the design is constructed in such a way that the intensity is determined by the amount of pressure applied. Yes, you've just got the whole world in your hands!

  • Sex-positive

    Zumio's mission is to empower women via sexual wellbeing. Designed to allow you to explore your body in ways you've never done before, providing you with the energy to reach the pinnacle of sexual pleasure of a woman!

What people are saying

This is hands down the best toy I have ever owned.

I have the X version and have had the most intense orgasms ever. Warning.. this toy will make you throw the others away.


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Great little massager that offers a BIG payoff.

Great little massager that offers a BIG payoff.Don’t under estimate the Zumio S. I’ll just say when you hit the right spot the waterfall will cum in seconds


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I fell in love

I fell in loveI don't know how it works, but it works and the orgasms are really amazing. If you like pinpoint stimulation you will want this. The orgasms I get from the Zumio E are sooo intense and overwhelming. Such an orgasm that you really need to recover from for a while.


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