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Sex tips for relationship - Spice up your sex life

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Added on: Jan 17, 2022

    Sex is fun if you think out of the box. But are you feeling bored with your sex life? Do you think that the spark is missing now and you, love birds, need something that’ll reignite that desire in you? Looking for sex tips for your relationship isn’t something to be judged. It’s because once you get used to the concept of sex with the partner, the magic fades, and that is a studied fact. Once you’re habitual of the sex, it almost feels like a routine. Sure the climax is the best part, but all that in between is special too. All this can affect your emotional bond too, and you really don’t want that to happen. 

    Most couples misunderstand this and feel that they have fallen out of love, but that is not the case. The one that melted your heart is still there, all it needs is a little push and that’s why we are here to help you!

    The spark, thrill and wild desire are still there, but due to the routine familiarity, you guys cannot seem to find it. Don’t let the boredom in the bed get the better of your bond. Turn up the temperature of your love and lust with these 10 sex tips for your relationship. Let’s spice up your sex life.

    1. Explore yourself in other activities equally: Don’t constrict your physical adventures to just making love. Try to develop hobbies (preferably with your partner) like dancing, playing a sport, doing yoga or going to fun activities. Add some Dopamine rush to your life with activities that excite and thrill you. Do a game night if that makes you happy. Go for escape room adventures, a gaming parlour, teach your partner video games, go watch a horror movie(see who is more scared!) or have a fun date at an amusement park! There are a plethora of activities that you can do together. Your mind needs to balance all aspects of life. Repeatedly indulging in sex might lead to losing the charm and vibing off. Your emotional health is closely dependent on physical health, so do try out these sex tips for your relationship to go the next step.
    2. Talk it out with your partner- This is These are one of the basic yet effective sex tips for your relationship. Not just fromain the perspective of sex tips, but for the overall health of your relationship. You’ve probably heard a lot of this and might be bored of it now, but communication is the key to a solid relationship. Yes, we said it, and in fact, relationships are built on trust and honesty, whether it be an emotional or a formal one at your office. So we recommend talking openly and freely about your sexual desires, wild interests, anal intercourse, fantasies, different and fun sex positions and basically all that you feel. Don’t mince words under your breath, and talk freely and openly about it. If you can speak about your emotions, insecurities and basically all life brings to you, then why can’t you pour your heart out about your bedroom desires? Well, it can be something as simple as using sex toys for couples when making love, roleplay activities, trying BDSM stuff with your partner, new positions, anal pleasure(we got anal sex tips too!), and there’s so much more! Don’t restrict your physical needs thinking, “what will my partner say/feel/react?” So trust us when we say it, take these sex tips for your relationship and talk it out with your partner because it’ll do wonders for both of you.
    3. Mutual masturbation- Watch, adapt, improvise and learn. Watching your partner masturbate is much better than watching porn, right? Be open to experiment! We know how to please ourselves the best, so why not make it an educational lesson for your partner? You can watch your partner masturbate and learn what they like, what movements, which flow, which sex toy to masturbate with, their favourite vibrator if they use one, a specific dildo, a specific position and the range is limitless! All this vulnerability leads to a stronger bond; thus, these points are the finest sex tips for your relationship and life too. For a crazy adventure, use a vibrator to pleasure your partner, and control it as you like it. Watch your lover go crazy and find a boost in that.
    4. Fun sex positions to explore: Did you know that the Kamasutra has 64 types of sexual positions? You heard that right, 64! And all of them are the most fun sex positions you can try with your partner. Most of us settle for just 3-4 and keep them on our routine sex playlist. This can be monotonous and after a point in time, you might not feel the same thrill as you did in the initial stages. So the answer is, go explore fun sex positions with your lover. Standing, lying down, side to side, girl on top, the guy on top and so many more. Don’t limit yourself in trying all of these fun sex positions with your lover.
    5. Sex toys for couples– Ready for toys and fun sex tips for your relationship? These wild toys are not just for personal satisfaction. You can find sex toys for couples too. What is stopping you to use these fun sex toys for couples? There are sex toys specifically for couples that play an important factor in most long-term relationships in the modern era. Women don’t stop using their vibrators just because they have found a partner. And if both of you are completely new to this concept, then try using a sex toy while making love with your partner. It’ll add some thrill to your sex lives and break the monotonous feeling. You can use a vibrator to stimulate your partner’s clitoris for increased pleasure, or you can use cock rings that work wonders too! If you are up for extreme ventures, then anal beads or butt plugs can add simulation to your sexual adventures or carry a pocket pussy to surprise him and watch him orgasm. So do not miss this opportunity and dive into the pool of lust with various types of sex toys for couples.
    6. BDSM and role play– Please do not misunderstand BDSM stuff if you’ve just watched Fifty Shades of Grey. BDSM is way different and 100% consensual. Before digging deep, you need to understand what BDSM stuff is. BDSM includes bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism & masochism (S&M). The acronym is mixed up because it can vary from person-to-couple as to what interests them the most. A person might either like all of the mentioned categories or just one of those. BDSM stuff with your partner may vary from slightly choking or dropping her on the bed to whips, handcuffs and ball gags. Often BDSM stuff involves one partner being the dominant and the controller, while the other is submissive and gets controlled by the former. Couples can even switch roles often to experiment and add a spark to their romance. Do not dive into sex with handcuffs or gag balls. Avoid using slipknots since they can damage your blood circulation. Tease with feathers, food, tongue and fingers. Always keep an unrelated safeword so that your partner knows when to stop. Do your research on:
      -Types of BDSM
      BDSM tools
      -BDSM games
      -BDSM positions
      -BDSM toys

      It’s pretty obvious but, never perform BDSM stuff with a stranger.
    7. Talk dirty and be rough in bed: Here comes the wild sex tips for your relationship that be amazing. Don’t criticize so early, hear us out. Of course, we like being babied, and all that sweet talk that you feel is so cute but might cringe when someone else does it. I mean, it is love after all. But, it’s often the awkwardness that you assume might come out funny rather than dirty (which is cute too). Talk about this with your partner and try starting with easy terms like “you’ve been a bad girl”, “I wanna tear off your pants”, “f*ck me harder”, “you like this naughty girl?” and much more that you feel that will fit at the moment. Say them like you mean it and not with half efforts. Being rough isn’t the same as BDSM. It can be activities similar to talking dirty, pulling hair, spanking, leaving hickeys, taking control, scratching, biting and grabbing harshly. Make sure to always get consent in the process. There is a difference between physical roughness and physical assault. Pretty sure your partner would love politeness in the streets, but a freak in the sheets.
    8. Anal intercourse- We have opened the forbidden door (or should I say the forbidden hole!). If you’re new and looking for anal sex tips, then you’re at the right place. A study from NIH suggests that almost 43% men and 37% women have experienced anal intercourse at least once in their lives. For those who aren’t aware of it, anal involves involves your anus in the sexual order like sex toys for couple for anal or penetration of the penis. Anal intercourse is common among gay couples but that doesn’t mean others sexual classes can’t enjoy that. But make sure to be cautious, use enough lubricant for anal intercourse for smoothness and start slowly, like an inch of a finger, small butt plugs, large butt plugs and then proper penetration. Giving you the best anal sex tip that always use flared bases. Don’t wanna damage your body parts in the process of making wild love.
    9. Skip the bedroom- You have the entire house to yourself, right? Then why not use every room and place that you can. Once you are confident about the with your privacy your home affords you,and security, go explore various places in your home. Wondering which is the best place for having sex other than your bedroom? Go for sex on the couch, dining table, kitchen table, home office room, bathroom(shower sex), on the floor, standing in the living room, balcony(ensure privacy) and the favourite car back seat.
    10. Room for one/some more!– Oops! Guess this is a touchy topic for couples, ain’t that correct? Even the idea of someone randomly touching your partner may trigger you. But it is a common activity that most couples do, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Polygamy is a common practice and can be perfected with the right person and obviously consent. Hundreds of generations of our ancestors passed the infidelity gene down to us, due to the reproductive success of cheaters. It may not have made us happy, it may not have made us good partners. Just be sure if you’re planning for a threesome with a friend of yours, be careful of your bond and that things don’t get awkward. Orgies are great if you feel the need to experiment with a group of people. There are cuckold fantasies in which a partner fantasizes their partner f*cking someone else. All of this is fun and games with consent, trust and wildness.


    Now you know the best sex tips for your relationship. All of your efforts matter because sex isn’t something to neglect or be monotonous. It is quite often that relationships start to lose their magic because of dull sex life. Apply these tips with your partner and discuss them. A wild, fun and adventurous lovemaking session is on its way!

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    Team Love Depot

    Added on: Nov 28, 2022

      They say a lube can really uplift a sexual experience by encouraging a sense of smoothness, confidence and consistency in maintaining a comfortable rhythm. Couples can use and should treat lubes as an add-on, especially when they intend to experiment with positions and toys. In fact, using them with sex toys - whether you’re alone or with your partner, is an essential step in making your sexual journey as smooth as possible - pun intended.

      The market has an array of lubricants available and while they all serve the same purpose, their ingredients can and do differ. The most popular bases for lubes are:

      • Water
      • Silicone
      • Oil
      • Natural


      One of the most popular choices from the world of lubes is water-based lubricants. They have no taste, feel very much like natural lubrication and are less likely to irritate or inflame sensitive skin. They are safe to use during oral sex as well and are generally absorbed quickly by the skin unlike others. Added benefits include being completely compatible with condoms - as compared to most oil-based sex lubes or petroleum jellies that can corrode latex. They are also extremely compatible with sex toys and we highly recommend using it during your play time.


      These lubricants do not contain water. While it may work for many, and not so much for others, your sexual journey is not set in stone and exploring your choices is a healthy way to understand what works best for your skin and body. These feel a little different on the skin as they don’t get absorbed quickly like water or oil as silicone-based lubes are hypoallergenic in nature. They can be safely used with condoms and don't require as many reapplications. The only major drawback is that it cannot be used with sex toys as they tend to solidify on them and may leave a sticky residue. 


      If you want to avoid reapplying lube, we recommend you use an oil-based lubricant. But bear in mind that these lubes are not compatible with latex condoms. There’s a risk of the condom ripping or tearing during the act - making it unsafe and compromising on the protection factor (against STDs and unplanned pregnancies). Some other concerns that rise with using oil-based lubricants include staining of sheets and clothes. But they can be doubled up and used for massaging your partner, so go ahead and give it a try some time. We recommend you don’t use oil-based lubes with sex toys as it can hamper the quality of the silicone and damage it.


      There’s always going to be a time when going natural is a ‘natural’ choice for many. Especially for those who are concerned about certain ingredients that go into the manufactured products. In such cases, using coconut oil is a popular choice. But it comes with added risks like condom breakage and staining of sheets. Also, the coconut oil used for daily activities should be separate from the one being used for your sexual activities. Avoid using it with sex toys as they aren’t compatible.

      Now that we’ve given a detailed lowdown on the various types of lubes available, it’s up to you to make the right choice for you and/or your partner. Remember to stick to water-based lubricants if you intend to use them with sex toys. Find our entire collection of lubes here:

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      Team Love Depot

      Added on: Nov 28, 2022

        Ever wondered if there’s something out there for you to experience firmer erections, better stamina delayed ejaculations without actually consuming any form of drug or medication? Well, say hello to Vibrating Rings aka Penis Rings aka Cock Rings.

        Multiple names, one fabulous goal. Penis rings - whether they vibrate or not - can pump up your sexual performance to a whole new level. Maybe it’s time you explored this side and became your own very own “lord of the rings”...Excuse the pun, but you know what we mean, right?

        Key Features: Most Vibrating Rings are designed for extra pleasure. They are discreet, waterproof, and noise-free. They are made with quality silicone and have zero allergens - making it safe on skin.

        How to use? All vibrating rings are designed keeping in mind the same end goal - ie. to deliver the ultimate form of pleasure. But here are a few essential steps to keep in mind while using them.

        Step 1: Before putting on a cock ring, apply and spread a decent amount of lube around the inner part. This will help it slide down a penis more easily. Note: Preferably use a water-based lube to avoid causing damage to the ring. Step 2: Make sure your well-lubricated penis is semi-erect while placing the ring over the head and sliding it down the shaft and onto the base. You can place it over a fully erect penis as well, depending on your girth or the size of the ring.  Step 3: Start off with a position you and your partner are comfortable with - like missionary or even doggy in some cases and then you can move on to experimenting once you’ve got the hang of it. Important note: Avoid keeping a cock ring on for more than 20-30 minutes. Although the blood flow restriction is usually safe in short bursts, it can eventually turn painful after prolonged use.

        Why use it? The joy of mutual stimulation can be ultra exciting so why not give your sex life a sensual upgrade? Vibrating Rings are available in various shapes and forms but are all designed to be adjustable to make sure it fits no matter what size. The beauty of using these with your partner is that it works towards achieving mutually explosive and almost synchronised orgasms. Yes, it’s possible.

        Some of these rings are ergonomically designed with a small appendage or extension, which is almost like a small bullet vibrator which which is meant for clitoral stimulation, which is key to achieving wholesome female orgasms.

        Some rings are designed to enhance a man’s performance by curbing the blood flow to the penis - leading to harder and long-lasting erections. A smarter choice to make over popping pills, what say?

        Some vibrating rings come with bluetooth technology. These rings can be controlled with  a few good buttons and  take your orgasms to the next level. Explore and play with a range of different vibration modes to level-up your sexual experience.

        Couples in long distance relationships can invest in a vibrating ring that can be controlled no matter where you are in the world, with the help of an app connected to your ring - making sure your intimacy game stays strong and exciting despite the distance!

        If you’d like to check out the various kinds of Vibrating Rings that are available for your pleasure, here’s the range available on our website.

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        Team Love Depot

        Added on: Nov 28, 2022

          Hello you. Welcome to this space - it’s safe and non-judgemental, with a whole lot of information on how to go about your sexual journey with an array of toys. Yes, we mean sex toys… And no, we aren’t going to shy away from the subject matter.

          The world of sex toys has a lot to offer and finding the one that works best for you is something we are excited about. For those wondering if it’s safe to use them… Yes, absolutely. Every toy has something wonderful to offer and is designed to be safe for intimate use.

          Let's talk about the various kinds of toys that are available for your pleasure. But first, it’s essential for you to know what you like and the kind of stuff you’re into. Are you into solo play or couple play? Or maybe both? Well, we can broadly segregate the many toys available on Love Depot into 2 major categories. 

          For Solo Play Enthusiasts It’s time to give “self love” a whole new meaning because having a partner isn’t a necessity anymore. Apt for those who are single, aren’t exploring or indulging in casual (but responsible) sex, these toys are designed to achieve exciting solo play experiences. They can work wonders as you slowly explore your own body, understand it better and take a deep dive in the world of self-stimulating pleasure.

          For Sexually Explorative Couples Sometimes adding certain sex toys to the mix of your sexual encounters with a partner is a great way to add a hint of exciting spice to your sexual bond. One may think it may hamper and maybe even overpower or replace the “human touch” experience. But don’t worry! We believe it has the power to amplify your sexcapades, deliver mutually stimulating orgasms and so much more. Sounds amazing, right? It certainly can be.

          Here are 6 product types that we think you should know about and consider owning at some point in your l

          G-SPOT VIBRATORS Safe to use on skin, waterproof and rechargeable every few hours, these toys are meant to be hybrid in nature. Strategically designed to hit the spot - pun intended, we believe it is a great way to explore and stimulate a woman’s g-spot. Whether you’re new to the world of toys or someone who is in the process of building a collection, a range of vibrating toys are available for various levels and have anywhere between 10-15 vibration modes to make the journey towards achieving explosive orgasms a lot more thrilling. Here are all the G-spot Vibrators available on our website.

          Ideal for: Mainly used for solo play but can be experimented with during couple play.

          TIPS TO USE: How you go about using these toys will depend on the toy itself. Most of them come with a basic step by step guide on how to use them but here are some things to keep in mind while using any g-spot vibrator.

          • Use enough lube and be gentle as you slowly work on yourself.
          • Eventually you can experiment with different levels of thrusting, slow massaging, clenching around the toy, gentle stroking and more, to see which technique works wonders for your g-spot.

          CLITORAL VIBRATORS Designed to deliver ultimate pleasure to a woman via clitoral stimulation, these vibrators have the power to empower a woman and her sexual needs. Give your clitoris the attention and love it desires with super sensual and manually customizable vibrations that make for great variations in the way you climax. Some toys are discreet enough to be used beyond your bedroom and even while you go about your day.

          Here are all the Clitoral Vibrators available on our website.

          Ideal for: Mainly used for solo play but can be experimented with during couple play.I

          TIPS FOR USE: It’s important you feel comfortable before choosing the play with these vibrators. Lay down alone or with your partner and explore this wonderful tool together. They usually have different vibration modes to offer. Here are some things to keep in mind during usage.

          • Begin with by gently using it over your erogenous zones ie. neck, breasts, thighs, shoulder, etc.
          • Eventually move to your vagina and play around with the various vibration modes to see what stimulates you the best. You can do this with or without a partner. Doing it with a partner is almost like a lesson in communication and bonding so go ahead and make it worth their while!
          • Once done, don’t forget to wash the vibrator with warm water and unscented soap. Store away in a cool and dry place

          AIR PULSE STIMULATOR Just when you think you’ve understood the beauty that is the clitoral and g-spot vibrator/massager, here comes another crazy toy. Adorable to look at but has a reputation to deliver bomb dot com orgasms, the Air Pulse Stimulator is every solo play enthusiast’s must-have. These come with multiple sucking or pulsing modes that are designed to stimulate the clitoris, but can also be used on nipples and other sexually sensitive zones to let your body reach climax is the most versatile way! Here are all the Air Pulse Stimulators available on our website.

          Ideal for: More commonly used for solo play but can also be used during couple play.

          TIPS FOR USE: Designed to engulf the clitoris with a gentle suction with zero touch pressure waves, they can make a woman cum with minimal to no touch. Here are some things to keep in mind why using a pressure wave clitoral stimulator like the Air Pulse.

          • Use a water-based lube on and around the clitoris as well as the ring of the stimulator’s cup. This should help create a good seal around the clitoris.
          • Keep the vibration setting low while starting off and adjust the intensity as and when you believe you’re ready to handle it.

          PENIS RINGS Rings that make you feel the “power”, these toys are designed to help men experience firmer erections, better stamina and delayed ejaculations. Penis rings aka cock rings come in various shapes and forms. Some don’t even come with the vibration mode but still do the job well. A smart man would ideally choose to invest in this ring rather than pills to consume to improve her overall “performance”. The vibration versions are great for the partner too as it enhances and encourages mutual orgasms. Here are all the Penis Rings available on our website.

          Ideal for: Mostly used for couple play.

          TIPS FOR USE Using a penis ring correctly can really enhance your sexual experience. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure the usage is at its full potential.

          • Don’t forget to apply a decent amount of lube before slipping it on.
          • Do not use the ring for more than 20-30 minutes in one go. Prolonged usage can lead to a painful and unpleasant experience.

          MASTURBATORS AKA STROKERS Ergonomically designed to give a penis a real-life sensation of blow jobs and hand jobs, the pleasure stroker can be a vibrating boon - especially for men who are single and don’t have the opportunity to practice casual sex (responsibly, of course!). It offers 15 different vibrating patterns at 5 varying speeds - basically there’s no competing with it. Don’t just limit it to solo play though. Couples can use it to take their foreplay game to the next level. It’s waterproof, travel-friendly and will give you unbelievably thrilling orgasms. Here are all the Masturbators available on our website.

          Ideal for: More commonly used for solo play but can also be used during couple play.

          TIPS FOR USE: The joy of being able to experience the pleasure of a blowjob or hand job is unparalleled and most men would agree with that. So here are a few tips to keep in mind while using the stroker - designed to give you striking orgasms.

          • Use a generous amount of a water-based lube before sliding it on. Make sure it is wrapped around the shaft of your penis.
          • Start off slow when it comes to exploring the vibration modes and then move on to experimenting with different levels.
          • They’re easy to use, safe and ergonomically designed for intimate use, waterproof and allergen-free. Just make sure you wash them with warm water and unscented soap and store them in a cool and dry place to maintain the quality of the toys.
          Now that you’ve got a quick and easy lowdown on the world of sex toys, we recommend you explore the entire range we have to offer on our website.

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