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What makes plusOne special?

What makes plusOne special?

  • Safety

    All plusOne® products are manufactured with body-safe silicone and are waterproof.

  • Affordable

    While many sexual wellness devices are expensive, plusOne® is democratizing the category with high-quality arousers and vibrators in India at a cost everyone can afford.

  • Quality

    Designed and backed by the beauty and personal care company Clio, the products are of premium quality.

What people are saying

Love it!! Strong but soft, very good

This is my girlfriends favorite toy!! Amazing in every way... First one broke out of nowhere and stopped charging. She ordered this one back real quick...

Gary Don Collins

17th May 2021
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G-Spot Massager for the win

The packaging was so cute! It nice to look at, and the back highlighted some useful tips about the massager. I really liked this product. The silicone felt smooth against my skin and had no trouble going in. Although the inserted portion felt a little big personally, I'm sure that the size would be enjoyable for many. I like that it comes with 10 speeds so that everyone could reach their climax with different options. It's simple to use, waterproof, and even has magnetic charging! I was delighted to see the color change to show when it was on low battery. I'm so happy I got to try out "my new friend".


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This is what I NEEDED!

It is PERFECTION. It’s the first vibrator I have bought and it actually wasn’t the one I was looking for but it peaked my interest, so I bought it! I cannot express how happy I am with it! I have never been able to “help myself” to a satisfying point without the help of my partner, but THIS has absolutely changed the game for me!! I cannot put it down to be honest! All of this excitement and the price point is also awesome!! There is not a better deal in my opinion, this fits every one of my needs and checks all of my boxes!


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The plusOne Dual Vibrating Massager is a force to be reckoned with. I love the silicone that it is made of. It's so incredibly soft and it doesn't flare up my latex allergy. It has 10 different settings and each are equally different, yet amazing. I have a couple favorite ones though. There is a separate vibrator in each part so you get to have two different sensations. It honestly doesn't take long to get me where i need to be. There is no need to buy batteries because it's usb charging and that is awesome! Charge time is short and holds charge for a while. Love this!


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Small but powerful

I like how small and compact the massager is. It comes with a charging cable that plugs into any USB and flashes a light to let me know it's being charged. It has complete instructions to me know how to properly plug in, use and care for it. To use, it's pretty simple, 1 button turns it on and controls all the different settings. Hold down on the power button until the massager turns on and then push the button to change each setting. I was pretty surprised at how powerful this little gadget is for its size. Works great!


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My new favorite!

So I've never owned a toy before so I recently purchased several toys in different brands to figure out what I liked. This little baby absolutely knocked my socks off! I had high expectations for bullet vibes given that they are classics but this one blew the competition away in minutes. The charge is very fast (less than an hour) and lasts about 2 hours on normal settings, the material is very soft and feels great, and the variety of the settings is incredible. This has been such a great product for the price with suprising versitility, if you are wondering if it is worth the plunge I would definitely recommend this vibe for your routine.


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Unique and male inclusive

This toy is definitely different than most I've tried. It's shape and texture is unique but fun and pleasurable. Me and my fiance have enjoyed it. We were both surprised at how strong the vibrations are on it but that's not a bad thing in our opinion. We like that it has a few different settings for variation. It's easy to clean and perfect for couples play or solo play. It feels great on your erogenous areas like your neck and other more intimate areas. The charge lasts awhile too. I'm really glad it's something my fiance can physically feel and enjoy too and not just me so for that I'm super happy with it.


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Seriously All Around Amazing

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I understand it's original use BUT one day I was stressed and my shoulder muscles around my neck were so tight and sore. It's a common issue for me so at this point I would have done anything for muscle relief. I seen this plusOne wand, turned it on, and massaged it over my horribly tight muscles. AMAZING RELIEF! Please try it! I could feel my muscles tensing up before fully loosening. You can use warming or cooling gel too. There are 10 different setting but I prefer the 3rd setting for this because it penetrates the muscles DEEPLY! I have not had to charge this plusOne wand yet. The wand is super soft and smoothly glides over my skin. It's seriously all around amazing.

Kristi Amber

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